The Wild Bunch

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  • Movie Analysis : ' The Wild Bunch '

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    story and a film 's plot are the “what and the how”. The Story is “what” the film is about and the plot is “how” the writer unfolds the action in the film relating to what the film is about (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014, p. 54). In describing The Wild Bunch story into the outlaw’s themed plot of violence, director Sam Peckinpah used dramatic impact quick action cuts coupled with slow motion aesthetic balance to create a mood of chaos throughout the fierce gun battle scenes which advantageously draws

  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Wild West : The Mythical Cowboy And Social Theory ``

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    supported with information from Slotkin’s book “Gunfighter Nation”, Will Wright’s book “The Wild West: The Mythical Cowboy and Social Theory”, John White’s book “Westerns”, and Jane Tompkin’s book “West of Everything, The Inner life of Westerns” and various films which consist of William A. Wellman “The Ox-Bow Incident”, Fred Zinnemann “High Noon”, John Ford “The Searchers”, Sam Peckinpah “The Wild Bunch”, and Robert Altman “McCabe & Mrs.Miller”. Old western movies are one of the most classic, acquiescent

  • The Southwest Is A Region Of The United States

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    The southwest is a region of the United States that makes our country unique. Without the southwest, we would undoubtedly lack the spirit, hope, beauty, and truth that this vast region brings to the rest of the United States as a whole. The southwest represents many things, such as journeying, racism, violence, the clashing and cooperation of cultures, and spirituality, as well as primitivism and pastoralism. All of these elements that the Southwest is comprised of is perhaps the reason why the rest

  • Essay on Western Movies Since 1960

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    A NOT-SO-ACCURATE prophet once wrote, "As recently as 1972, there were a tremendous number of quality Westerns being made . . . and since there seems to be a ten-year cycle in Western movie making, I'd say we'll see more in about 1982." 1 In 1982 only two Westerns were released, and neither was exactly a major success. Barbarosa, starring Willie Nelson, drew some respectable reviews–and some very damaging ones–but nobody went to see the film. The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez appeared first


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    of the American Wild West. This genre reached its first success in the mid-twentieth century during the golden age of Hollywood studios, before it had being reinvented by European filmmakers in the 1960s. The term Western has since been attributed to other visual arts such as literature, painting, television, cartoon, and now refers to all artistic production influenced by the atmosphere and the clichés

  • Industrial Western Movie: There Will Be Blood Essay

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    There Will be Blood (2007) is an entertaining movie that delineates in various forms that will be discussed from other western genres. It is a story that is formed from a novel by Upton Sinclair’s book, Oil! (1927) (Belton, 2009, p.401). Many westerns were based on dime novels that were written in the mid and late 1800s (Belton, 2009, p.246). American society was going through a transitional period from an agrarian society to an industrial society in the 1800s and early 1900s (Wright 2001; Desk

  • Butch Cassidy Research Paper

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    Butch Cassidy and his members of the Wild Bunch left a remarkable chapter in the history of old American West. Interestingly, Butch was no mean robber, but someone full of charm. The story of the group was made more interesting with the addition of Butch’s constant partner-in-crime, Sundance Kid. Originally named Robert LeRoy, Butch changed his name after working with Mike Cassidy, an infamous cattle and horse rustler. The name “Butch” was taken from Robert’s brief stint as a butcher in town. He

  • Intertextuality In The Butcher Boy

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    The concept of fantasy can be defined as ‘the forming of mental images, especially wondrous or strange fancies; imaginative conceptualizing’ ( At one time or another we have all fantasized about different things. However, have any of us ever attempted to incorporate those fantasies into the real world? The following paper will attempt to analyse how the narratives Mickybo and me and The Butcher Boy combine elements of imagination/fantasy and reality. It will discuss how the of mixing

  • Historical Perspective Of Django Unchained And Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

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    Ricardo Godinez Professor Dew History of Film November 21, 2017 Wild, Wild West Intro Historical Perspective Both films were made for different reasons and made different impacts during their time of release. For Django Unchained, the film showed the horror of slavery before the civil war. Showing slaves being eaten by dogs to slaves fighting to the death, makes an unconventional film for its time and raised a lot of controversy considering the movies historical accuracy. The horror of slavery

  • Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

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    1960s, “many young people saw the superposse as a metaphor for the government/authority during the years of anti-war protests” (Nixon n.p.). They identified with the youth and rebellion of Butch and Sundance and they saw the superhuman posse as a bunch of faceless lawmen trying to put an end to the reign of the bandit rebels. The individuals chasing Butch and Sundance are always there, always on their tail, and always about to catch up with them, just like the authorities were always out to get the