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  • English Composition Class Analysis

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    The second week of our English Composition class, we talked about American Identity and what influence immigration has on it. Since I am an international student from Germany studying at an American university, Joel L. Swerdlow’s report about a day at the J.E.B. Stuart High School in West Virginia, which is, according to him, mirroring the immigration revolution, made me rethink my actual life situation. Swerdlow is spending a whole day with a “Combating Intolerance” class for juniors and seniors

  • Short Story

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    From the region of Tekoa not so far from Jerusalem, to Trevecca, in the heart of Nashville, humble boy Amos changed his humble life from working with sheep and planting sycamore trees, to serving fancy drinks at the 1901 Coffee Shop. Logan Rodgers could not hold himself from having such gifted human being at his coffee shop, for Amos could see visions about Tennessee! From living humbly feeding pigs, Amos was now silent discoing, shaving his beard only twice a year. As an undeclared major, Amos

  • Over Competitive Analysis

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    I always wondered if I was over competitive. Allyson Felix, a Trackstar once said, “ I’m just competitive. It doesn’t matter what it is”. I feel the same way, especially with sports. I have invested a large amount of my childhood to athletics.I missed vacations, parties, even job opportunities because of sports. I have every right to be very competitive in sports. Having older siblings who were athletes, being an undersized athlete, and having dreams of being a college athlete all contributed to

  • College Admissions Essay

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    I feel the Suffolk University can lay the groundwork for making these dreams into reality. Regretfully, when I entered high school I did not realize how hard I had to work to get what I wanted. I went to my classes, did my work, but never really pushed myself to my full abilities. I thought that as long as I graduated with decent grades I

  • Human Resource Manager Personal Statement

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    Going back to college at the age of 36 is absolutely terrifying. Twelve years ago, I began my career in Human Resources and the journey has been amazing. Whether it is giving a job, saving a job, or resolving employee conflict, I get to help people every single day. I stay inspired by the people I work with, remain fascinated by human behavior, and am truly proud of my occupation; I know I have found my calling in life. Recently, I started to feel slightly stuck. I know I am ready to take the

  • Essay On Companionship Interview

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    For my interviewee I choose to interview my neighbor and sponsor Mr. Michael T. Cartwright. Mr. Cartwright graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University in the spring of 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Management and Operations. Michael says he chose his degree because business was an easy and vague field with infinite possibilities for owning an operating his own business in the future. This provided very useful in the future as he would eventually startup and co-found a handful

  • Welfare System Research Paper

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    Welfare, Learning to Work the System Ellen Gossett Trevecca Nazarene University Abstract Many people have grown up only knowing a life that includes the Welfare System. There are mothers and other family members that do not work, have not worked and are given more money by the Federal and State Government agencies than most working adults with a full-time position. Many of these persons that receive Welfare benefits also get fully funded monthly rent, utilities, groceries, and healthcare. The

  • Jeffrey Kluger's The Power Of Birth Order

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    Katana is a first-born; being the eldest of her siblings she was the first to graduate high school ranking 26th out of 2100. She strived for good grades and worked very hard to help her mother support their family. She is currently attending Trevecca Nazarene University studying to be a teacher. Her brother Roman, the second oldest, is the complete opposite of her. He is smart, but doesn’t like trying in school that much, so his grades suffer. He also prefers to slack-off rather than work. The youngest

  • Equal Pay For Equal Work

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    Running head: EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK Equal Pay for Equal Work Ellen F. Gossett English Composition II Trevecca Nazarene University Abstract There are many forms of discrimination that our society still faces even today. Whether it is discrimination against someone for religion, race, sexuality, or just the way they look, someone is always being targeted. There is one place in particular that discrimination should not be happening, but it is, and that is in our workplaces. The group

  • What Do I See Myself Doing When I Get Out Of College?

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    My Future What do I see myself doing when I get out of college? After college there are five careers I think I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life. The careers I see myself enjoying is a pediatrician, athletic trainer, high school or college basketball coach, ESPN sports analyst or joining the Navy. The following paragraphs will explain the educational requirements, best college to attend, how many years of schooling, the salary and benefits of each career. Enjoy my paper. 1st career