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  • Trigger Finger Literature Review

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    Benefits of An Omega 3 Rich Diet On Suppression of Symptoms in Trigger Finger Comment by Krista Landing: We are going to have to change our title if we are not reporting results on trigger finger. Bre’Anna Briggs October 9, 2017 A Literature Review Presented to Krista Ranstrom In Partial Fulfillment of Course Requirements for KINS 492, Senior Seminar Abstract Comment by Krista Landing: Need to have the title right before this. Trigger finger also known as Stenosing Tenosynovitis is a condition

  • Use Of Trigger Point Dry Needling

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    Introduction Trigger point dry needling (TDN) is a treatment in which practitioners insert thin, sterile filiform needles into patients for the purpose of pain relief by stimulating underlying myofascial trigger points, muscles, tendons, and connective tissues. This technique is not only used for the management of neuromuscular pain relief, but it is also used to treat movement impairments and dysfunctions in skeletal muscle, fascia, and connective tissue. Dry needling is also implemented in clinical

  • A Brief Note On Pain And Lie Within Connective Tissues Or Muscles Are Known As Trigger Points

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    or muscles are known as trigger points (Wittink & Michel, 2002). Trigger points are typically found at the bony attachments and are more common within the muscles of the neck, shoulder and the pelvic girdle. Myofascial trigger points are commonly found in patients with musculoskeletal pain (Kalichman & Vulfsons, 2010). They signify the distribution of sarcoplasmic reticulum of the muscle fibres (Bron & Domerholt, 2012). Cummings & White (2001) have defined Myofascial trigger points as “pain arising

  • Factor Analysis Magimid

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    must be identified. Then the focus moves on to the triggers and figuring out the context of what happened right before the behavior occurred. This is known as the proximal trigger and is what is typically focused on. However, Magidson et. al. (2016) states that in order to better understand the cause of the behavior it is also important to look at the recent and distal triggers, which are the ongoing stressors and past situations. Once the triggers are established the patient is

  • Descriptive Essay On Hunting

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    INTRO: I never thought I would feel so awful after pulling that trigger and watching that innocent animal give it’s life to me. I was only ten years old and my life was certainly impacted forever. Nowadays, many people think that pulling the trigger of a gun is not hard at all. In reality, it might be pretty easy. It is the aftermath on the other hand that will leave an internal scar, changing a person forever. On my first deer hunt, a young buck stepped out of the dense willow clusters with

  • Short Story Of The Hero's Nightmare-Personal Narrative

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    HE WAS DEAD BEFORE SHE HEARD THE DEAFENING GUNSHOT. She helplessly watched in horror as the murderous bullet cracked as loud as thunder and ripped through the air faster than the speed of light, come in contact with his skin in a matter of milliseconds. A crimson red hole appeared on his forehead as quick as a lightning's flash, and slowly a trail of blood leaked from his wound down his face. She watched as the shining light faded out of his burnt umber and caramel mixed eyes that once glowed with

  • Short Story About Your Acting's Weak

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    Your acting’s weak. A shame, you’re so wrong. VAN Rush me. If I wait till the last second to pull the trigger, I won't miss. One of us, an A+. The other, an F . . . ready for the final exam? SEOUL Doubt you ever pull the trigger. VAN Or, wait for the cops . . . an incomplete. The legal system might let you walk. But, if I were you, I’d take door number one and leave. SEOUL Kelly talked about you during our one-on-one time. She talked instead of . . . other stuff. Too bad you burned her to

  • Triggers

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    Triggers are something that people deal with on a daily basis. Utilizing negative verbiage about someone’s ethnicity or ability due to disability induces many triggers. Having a daughter of a mixed descent creates a heighten sense of protection. This is due to ignorance of individuals that speak without thinking of the effects of their speech. While some people do not care, children and the disabled have diminished ability to protect themselves and will internalize what has been said to them as facts

  • Bad Habits Developed Over Time

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    A habit, by definition, is an act which is repeated by a person without the individual being aware that they are continuously displaying or committing that certain behavior. There are many bad habits a person can develop over time. Some of these could include having a drug habit, an eating disorder, or many other undesirable behaviors. These negative habits can all be broken and could lead to positive outcomes if they were to be broken successfully. Many of the habits considered to be bad require

  • Are We The Most Sensitive Generation Of All Time?

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    they can trigger the emotions of others Thus, trigger warnings were created to help provide students on campus a safe space to not be affected by society, but is that good for the students? Recently, an article called “The Coddling of the American Mind” by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt states, “Trigger warnings are alerts that professors are expected to issue if something in a course might cause a strong emotional response” (Lukianoff 1). In their article, they counter the idea of trigger warning