Tupolev Tu-204

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    Adrian pushed his thick glasses back into place with a finger, as they had slid down his nose during the tussle. "It is unprofessional to smile while on duty; these are human's souls I deal with and it would be disrespectful.” "You take your job far more seriously than your fellow reapers." The demon said, rising to his feet and giving the red wings a mighty shake, scattering mud from their feathers. "Hasn't anyone ever told you to loosen your tie before? Perhaps if you did you could think clearly

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    Boeing Market Analysis

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    The Boeing Company is a major player in the aerospace and defense industry with over 150,000 employees. As of 2006 they led the commercial and defense aircraft market as the company with the largest total revenue. (Defense News , 2007). The corporation is divided into five separate business units/services. Commercial Airplanes and Integrated Defense Systems are the two major components. The other three units span control over research and development, services and financial services; Phantom Works

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