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  • Persuasive Essay On Community Service

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    being different. I strive to live an authentic life, and I want to help those who feel marginalized and unwelcome. I recognize that it is not always easy to be different. As a part of the Virginia Tech community, I will value and embrace the diversity of my fellow Hokies. When I scheduled a tour at Virginia Tech, I already knew it was where I wanted to go, but there was more to learn about the school than I expected. While walking around the beautiful campus, the tour guide stopped at the War Memorial

  • The Events Of The 2007 Tragedy

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    Crisis Management - CA Virginia Tech Tragedy (2007) Background April 16th, 2007 is remembered as a day that saw one of the single deadliest gunman shootings in recent history which a seemingly normal college student, Cho Seung-Hui, murder 32 people on campus grounds within a two and a half hour time-frame. Nine years have passed since the fatal tragedy occurred and the repercussions have laid the grounds ever since for the method colleges and educational facilities, the world over, approach crisis

  • English Essay "We Are Virginia Tech"

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    “We Are Virginia Tech” Speaking is form of art that can either be a natural gift or a practiced talent. Much like there are several different ways a person can draw: cartooning, free hand, or realistic, there are many ways in which a person can speak. Nikki Giovanni’s speech “We Are Virginia Tech” makes people cry, rejoice, and move on. A speech is one form of art that can evoke these types of emotions from people. In Nikki Giovanni’s poem “We Are Virginia Tech,” which was spoken at a memorial

  • Bad News Communication

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    If my boss decided that I would be just the person to handle this project, I would approach the news channels and newspaper differently. First of all, I wouldn’t give out statements if I’m not a hundred percent sure because any false statement I can lose my career. Second of all, there should only be one news reporter to reports news of information on television to receive accurate information and not guessing on information being bought out from other reporter. I feel like reporters back in the

  • Video Games: A Contemporary Scapegoat

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    From character to character, the brutal kills range from ripping out spines to slicing the opponents straight in half to chopping off foe's arms. They were all just obeying the thunderous voice rumbling, "Finish him!" This is Mortal Kombat – one of, if not the, most popular fighting game franchises ever created. At its conception in 1992, it was hit with a hard wall of controversy for its heavy use of gore and the general fear it would influence children to reenact these so-called “fatalities” in

  • Gun Culture And The American Identity

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    violent tragedies in which the assailant used firearms. On April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people on the Virginia Tech campus (Lipka 2008; No Guns Left Behind, 2007). The question quickly became ‘how do we stop guns from coming on to post-secondary campuses?’ to prevent such tragedies. The gun debate has been around for decades, but only after the Virginia Tech Massacre has the focus increased (Lipka, 2008). Colleges and universities quickly placed their focus on the topic of gun

  • Should Stricter Gun Laws Be Banned?

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    On December 14th 2012, it was a normal Wednesday for me until around 10 a.m. I took out my headphones as I heard my school’s principal come on the loudspeaker to alert the school that we were going into a lockdown. This didn’t worry me because we always had these drills, but as we had been in lockdown for an hour with no explanation, I began to become nervous. I didn’t realize that at the time, no more than a mile away, there had been a shooting at the local elementary school. This had completely

  • Should Gun Control Be Stricter Gun Laws? Essay

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    and killed 13 and injured 21 before taking their own lives. The Columbine High School massacre made history. They acquired their guns by purchasing them from acquaintances. Fast forward eight years to 2007. In April, 2007 on the Virginia Tech Campus in Virginia, Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed thirty-two men and women and injured another seventeen. He also ended his life after committing the murders. Cho was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder, and eventually declared mentally ill.

  • Death By Bullet : A Look Into School Shooting

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    Death by Bullet: A Look into School Shooting Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook these are but a few cases of fatal school shootings that have plagued the United States history in recent years. School-based violence has gained much attention in the media. Parents are fearful to send their children to school, teachers are becoming armed, and schools have more police patrolling campuses in hopes to deter future endangerment to students and administration. Shootings are the most common and frequent

  • Fear Within The School. Horror, Grotesque, And Upsetting

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    took his own life as police entered the building. This shooting is considered the third deasdliest in US history, taking place on December 12, 2012 (54). Virginia Tech, another famous school shooting, took place in April of 2007. It took place at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University campus. This campus is located in Blacksburg Virginia. The shooter was Seung- Hui Cho, was 23 years old and a senior at the Institute. He killed 32 people, making it the deadliest shooting rampage in US history