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  • The Voting Age In Voting

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    are in fact very qualified to vote and they care about politics. The voting age should be lowered to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote. 16 and 17 year olds are just as capable as adults in voting, letting them vote would positively affect the voting field in numerous ways, and they are faced many responsibilities similar to adults’. 16 and 17 year olds are just as qualified to vote as adults are. According to the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965, a 6th grade education is all that is required for

  • Voting Age Voting

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    In the most recent election in 2016 only 59% of Americans voted. Many people today see this as a major issue; however, a major argument has risen on how to solve this problem. One of the solutions that have been considered is lowering the voting age to 16 to get younger Americans votes. However many Americans think that this is crazy to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote. The clear and only answer to this contentious question is that 16 and 17 year olds should not be able to vote. As stated before

  • Changing The Voting Age

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    voters actually did vote. It should be our goal to have a higher voting rate like in Belgium it’s elgible voters are at 93% participation. Changing the legal voting age from eighteen to sixteen won’t change the participation rate. I believe the legal voting age of eighteen needs to stay how it is because younger voters already have a small outcome of voters and a voter younger than eighteen isn’t truly an adult. If we change the voting age now it will only hurt than help. There is only 38% of younger

  • Voting Age 16

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    VOTING AT 16? Neglected for a generation, a troublesome political question is back : when should young people be able to vote for candidates in elections? Conservative peer Lord Lucas of Crudwell and Dingwall recently tabled a Private Members Bill in the Lords. It proposed a voting age of 16. And this week, for the first time, a national coalition has been launched at the Houses of Parliament. The Votes at 16 Campaign is backed by a wide range of groups – from the National Black Youth Forum and

  • Legal Voting Age

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    Have you ever had a time when you felt that your voice was ignored? Legal Voting age should be lowered to the age of 16. As a young Canadian citizen there has never been a greater time to change the legal voting age to 16. How come we let unknowledgable adults vote, but not smart engaged teens. Teen voices get blocked out while the adults keep talking. If we as a society change our voting age to 16 many positive outbursts will occur, For example, Voter turnout will increase, teens will be more

  • Age Of Voting Essay

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    Community, they are the first ones in the nation to lower their voting age from 18-16 years old. A group of 350 students from Montgomery Blair High School were granted the right to vote in elections and one of the student who got the right to vote, Ben Miller had said, “ It’s a valuable Privilege,” and he means that it is a great advantage that many 16-17 years old can now vote. Many young adults who are the age of 18 are most likely not a good age to vote because many of them are planning to leave their

  • Lowering The Voting Age

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    A controversial issue that we have come upon are the arbitrary age boundaries that have been placed upon teens and their abilities. Maturity is something that most adults think teens are not capable of representing because they are going thru a phase and they are trying to find out who they are but in reality we are trying to construct ourselves. Many adults have subsequently asked teens “What do you know?”(Simmonds). In their perspective we are seen as children that cannot distinguish the right

  • Essay On Lowering The Voting Age

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    you turn eighteen you don't know what you want to do with your life, let alone vote for someone to run the country. The voting age should stay at eighteen because we're suppossed to be adults at that time. A sixteen year old has no care in the world at that point in their life. If we lower the voting age it could cause many issues for our country. Lowering the voting age won't do anything but cause damage to our government. Only fifty one percent of people voted in nineteen forty eight. In

  • The Voting Age Should Be Reduced

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    vote; it has a sense of empowerment—the power of voting bears within itself the power of change. With a government representing the views and will of the people, voters possess a significant responsibility that is capable of impacting the nation as a whole; but when misused or mishandled, can result in undesired repercussions. In many countries, youth are granted the ability to vote at the age of 18. However, the question of whether the voting age should be reduced to 16 has been debated nationwide

  • The Importance Of America's Voting Age

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    election ballots in just about every way. It is my mission as a Junior Statesman and a high school student to break this substandard negative trend, which tarnishes American democracy, by encouraging youth to become more politically active. America’s voting age requirement is 18. As a result, teenagers often feel disenfranchised by the political system, turning away from political involvement and civic engagement. Unable to participate in the political system, shut out from the democratic process, teenagers