Wave power

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  • Chapter Iv: Cost-Benefit Analysis. Major Capital Cost Items

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    capital cost items for a wave farm include: initial and replacement WEC devices, moorings and foundations, power conditioning equipment at the hub and submarine cables, grid connections, and environmental permits. Additional non-capital costs include annualized operations and maintenance, and personnel costs. A formal request for information (RFI) was sent to OPT. The RFI asked for WEC performance data and cost specifics. They declined to respond to the RFI completely. The wave energy industry considers

  • The Power Of Words In The Wave By Morton Rhue

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    that they can change people's life for good or end it altogether. The Wave, a short novel based on a true story by Morton Rhue, demonstrates the power of words in good and bad ways. The novel is about a teacher who dictates his students into a Nazi-like student group as a lesson for his history class. However, the simple, seemingly harmless experiment soon goes out of hand and no one can stop the students organization, The Wave. An important idea in the text is ‘words can be used for harm or for good

  • Unit1assign2 wireless Essay

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    Jason Fessel Unit 1 Assign 2 Review Questions 2.2 Why can waves with very low frequency follow the earth’s surface? Why are they not used for data transmission in computer networks? Below 2 MHz radio waves more or less follow earth’s surface. One reason is diffraction. An additional factor is electrical power which is induced in the surface by the waves. This slows down the wave front near the surface so that the wave front is brought in a curve and travels along the surface. The reasons why low

  • Surfer's Paradise Research Paper

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    surf twelve foot waves. These waves are so powerful that they can crush the body if one falls off a surf board or one can be taken far out into the ocean by the extremely strong rip currents that follow these waves. The loud roar of the waves crashing on the shore with the power of a great white shark filled my ears and all that I could think of was, ‘How am I going to face this mysterious creature?” The conditions are perfect today-the wind direction, tide and size of the waves are a surfer’s paradise

  • Sound Waves Essay

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    a sound wave? A sound wave is produced by a mechanical vibration, such as a tuning fork. The vibrating object causes the surrounding medium, such as air, to vibrate as well.The wave travels through the medium to a detector, like your ear, and it is heard.As with any type of wave, a sound wave is also described by it's wavelength, amplitude, period, and frequency. WAVELENGTH is the distance from one point on the wave, to the next identical point, or the length of one part of the wave. AMPLITUDE

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Piston-Crank Concept

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    buoy would drive the piston to the lowest part of the bore. The distance travelled by the piston (the stroke length) would be dependent on the amplitude of the wave. The Disadvantages and solutions for the Piston-Crank Concept Due to the corrosive nature of sea water, materials with high corrosion-resistant properties needed to be selected. Corrosion and wear are the main problems faced when designing in the in sea water (Wang et al., 2009). The due to the nature of the piston-crank concept, there

  • Class IIIb Lasers Lab Report

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    of causing damage to the eye when a laser in one of these classes is directly exposed to a person’s eye, or in some cases, when reflecting off of a smooth surface. Class IIIa lasers have a power output of less than 5 mW, whereas class IIIb lasers can have a power output between 5 and 500 mW, and thus high-power class IIIb lasers can be a fire hazard and cause minor burns to the skin. The “blink reflex” is a protective reflex in which involuntary blinking occurs as a response to the eyes being touched

  • Personal Narrative: Sometimes The Trottle Hooks

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    Sometimes the throttle sticks. The hardest part is the smooth acceleration when the waves around you rock the boat. As the waves get bigger, I see my family's fists adjust grips on the railing. White knuckled, and lips pursed, they anticipate each wave. Salty waves break over the side and spray mist. My glasses are speckled with the dried salt from the repeated watery assaults. My sister turns to me, a slanted smile dressing her face. She is trying to impart confidence, but the repeated “fuel flow

  • Chapter 15: Interference, Diffraction, And Lasers

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    difference, order number, diffraction, resolving power, and laser. There are inphase and outphase. The first section is titled, Interference. Interference takes place between waves that have the same wavelengths. A resultant wave is formed when two waves with the same wavelength interact. The resultant wave is the consequence of the interference between two waves. With constructive interference, component waves combine and form a resultant wave with equal wavelengths, but there is

  • Persuasive Essay

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    Imagine white sand in between your toes as you drink coconut milk fresh from the tree as waves crash ten feet in front of you. You’re on a beach lounging in the sun while your friends are falling asleep in language arts. As a thirteen year old boy I got the chance to go and spend a week on the tropical island of Maui with my grandparents. I had to save up some money to get to go and by working all that summer I finally saved enough money. We started in the nearby town of Saint George and waited