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  • The Nightmare of the West Memphis Three

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    In his article, “The Nightmare of the West Memphis Three”, Rich explores how the people of Memphis drew horrific conclusions about people based on the lifestyle they chose to practice. The article highlights the trials and tribulations faced by the accused three young teenagers. Rich does this by citing the popular documentary series “Paradise Lost” which is an in depth analysis into the lives of the accused, the victims’ families and members of the community. This paper outlines how the belief system

  • The West Memphis Three Case Analysis

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    The Case of the West Memphis Three involves the three teenage boys accused and convicted of murdering Michael Moore, Stevie Branch, and Christopher Byers in West Memphis, Arkansas on May 5th, 1993. The investigation, trial, and appeals that followed would put the Arkansas criminal justice system under scrutiny for their actions. The West Memphis Police Department arrested and charged Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols, and Jessie Misskelly, Jr. with the three boy’s murders. The entire case was under the

  • Essay on The Crucible and the West Memphis Three

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    Revenge, the abuse of authority and the desire for power are all present in both Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible and the case regarding the West Memphis Three. To understand the connection you need to know something about the case. Three young boys were murdered on May 5, 1993 (Leveritt 5). They were stripped of their clothing, their hands were bound and they were forced underwater in the nearby creek where they stayed until they were found the next day. Little evidence was collected the day

  • Essay about The West Memphis Three

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    There was no evidence collected and tested at the crime scene which could have proved who committed the murders. A lieutenant who contacted a juvenile officer in Memphis both agreed that the murders had to have been done by someone in a cult. The juvenile officer quickly knew of someone who was involved in a cult and said this juvenile could be capable of a crime like this. The accused, Damien Echols, was immediately

  • The Crucible Research Paper : West Memphis Three

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    Paper : West Memphis Three The West Memphis Three terminology was birthed when three troubled, teenage boys were accused of brutally torturing and murdering three young, innocent boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, in May of 1993. Authorities had mounting pressure to find the culprits responsible for the unspeakable crime. In a very short time, the three teens were accused, arrested and then charged with the brutal crime. It was not Salem, Massachusetts, but a witch-hunt was going on in West Memphis

  • Injustice For All: The West Memphis Three Essay

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    The search spanned throughout the small town and countryside, however, “the most intensive search… remained focused on the woods.” As the woods were scrutinized by the many volunteers, their persistence resulted with no trace of the three small boys. Just as the search groups had left to continue on elsewhere, one Crittenden County juvenile officer, Steve Jones, stayed. Looking down into the small stream of water in the diversion ditch, he spotted something and radioed his findings

  • West Memphis Three

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    The West Memphis Three I sit in a crowded court room. I am a juror in the case of the State vs. Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin. Everyone in the country has heard about the West Memphis Three. The murders of Steven Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore took place on May 5, 1993 in Robin Hood Hill West Memphis, Arkansas.(West Memphis 3) They have been headline news for over a year now. I already have an idea of what I think happened before I have even heard one word from either side

  • The West Memphis Three Trials

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    penalty has faced. Many movies were produced that followed the lives of people on death row. A series of famous cases, often collected referred to as the West Memphis Three trials, highlighted the shortcomings of the death penalty. The West Memphis Three refers to three teenage boys who were convicted of brutally murdering three children in West Memphis, Arkansas. Since the oldest teen that was convicted was 18 years old at the time of the murders and Arkansas has the death penalty, he was sentenced to

  • With Regard To The Serious Flaws In The Police Investigation Of The West Memphis Three

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    Q1: With regards to the serious flaws in the police investigation of the West Memphis Three, the police investigation was heavily militarized as the cops were inconsistent. They did not focus on the guilty or innocent. Instead, the police concentration was on the enforcement practices and neglects the deep implications. During the police investigation, the police would not chase up any pieces of evidence that could implicate someone else in the crime other than those who already conducted some form

  • West Memphis 3 Argumentative Paper

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    West Memphis 3: Wrongfully Accused? On May 5th, 1993 three eight year old boys were reported missing in West Memphis, Arkansas. The boys were found the next day, hog tied in a wooded area called “Robin Hood Hills”. After the case had been “thoroughly” investigated, the West Memphis Police announced on the news that they had found the murderers, pointing fingers at Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin, three teenagers who were different from the norm in West Memphis, making it easy