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  • Wireless Technology : Wireless Technologies

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    Wireless technologies in the Oilfield Introduction In this research paper I will be exploring the new digital oilfield. This is defined by Sidney Hill of plantengineering.com as “an oilfield that harnesses information technology in ways that allow an oil company to capture and analyze data about all of its operations, ideally in real time, thus maximizing production while minimizing costs.”[1] I will cover why this technology has been brought in, what benefits it brings with it, how they are using

  • Wireless Technology

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    WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCTION Technology continues to develop very quickly down to the corner of the world, but not with strong will and hard work, information technology, chaired by the computer becomes a linear phenomenon with the development progress of the age. The development of information technology is developing very rapidly, this development can not be separated from the ability of computers to perform data communication and also establish a computer network both

  • Evolution Of Wireless Technology

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    billions of mobile devices are connected to wireless networks and by the year 2020 when the massive arrival of 5G to the market is expected to be four times higher. This paper aims to analyze the advances in communication for these networks that will be present in all types of portable devices and personal use in addition to computers. It evaluates the progress for aspects of communication and ability to transfer data and information through new wireless networks. The benefits and improvements in

  • Essay Wireless Technology

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    IEEE 802.15.4: a wireless communication technology for large-scale ubiquitous computing applications Anis Koubâa, Mario Alves, Eduardo Tovar PP-HURRAY! Research Group, Polytechnic Institute of Porto Rua Dr. Antonio Bernardino de Almeida, 431, 4200-072 Porto, PORTUGAL {akoubaa, emt}@dei.isep.ipp.pt, mjf@isep.ipp.pt Abstract. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been attracting increasing interest for supporting a new generation of ubiquitous computing systems with great potential for many applications

  • Benefits Of A Wireless Technology

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    Choosing a wireless technology to transmit very small amounts of data from A to B should be very simple in todays world, but in reality making sense of the wireless connectivity technology landscape for the Internet of Things is the opposite of simple and obvious – it is a complex landscape and its getting more complex as time goes by. In the short range corner we have some familiar LAN and PAN technologies such as Bluetooth, Ble, Wi-Fi and even Zigbee. Local area network technology will find IoT

  • Wireless Technologies

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    Wireless Technologies Introduction As wireless technology has begun to mature, the demand for wireless products has increased as new applications for the technology are realized. One application for wireless technology at the U.S. Naval Academy is to use the wireless capability to enhance classroom instruction. Currently the Electrical Engineering and Physics Departments have wireless access points and wireless laptops/desktops available for classroom instruction. The purpose of this report

  • Technology: The Pros And Cons Of Wireless Technology

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    Wireless is a technology that transmits signal without using cables as the medium to communicate from one end to other(s) end. Communications via wireless can be anything from radio broadcasting, SOS signal from a ship at sea, or day-to-day Wi-Fi that we use to connect to the Internet. Actually wireless technology is a technology that already been in development for quite a long time, it developments already begun since late 19th century. Here is the timeline of the development of wireless technology:

  • Wireless Technologies And Mobile Technologies

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    Define wireless technologies and mobile technologies. Next, determine at least three (3) ways which companies or organizations utilize such technologies to improve business efficiency. Wireless technology means that data is sent from one computer to another through a wireless connection. Mobile technology is the way that communicates tasks which are performed. Computing on mobile technology devices, such as laptops, notebooks, PDA etc. It allows the user the flexibility to move and not be confined

  • Wireless Technology Essay

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    Wireless technology has become the wave of the future. From cellular phones to wireless point of sale devices, wireless networks and technology is all around us. In order to jump on the wireless train, one must first understand the different standards. To properly and safely utilize wireless technology the user also must understand the various types of wireless security. Once grasping these technologies and standards, anyone can implement a wireless network in their home. First, the 802.11b

  • Physical Impact Of Wireless Technology

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    Wireless technology is very beneficial to human existence, although there is evidence of potential harm to human health. Devices such as cell phones, computers and televisions, have greatly improved and have influenced society. With these advantages, health concerns have arisen and been explored through experiments and surveys. However, these health concerns have not been proven fully, to an extent they are still impacting humans. By examining the general concern and the social, mental and physical