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  • The Chinese Writing System

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    considered one of, if not the, oldest writing system in the world that is still in use today, although now they are altered and simplified the Chinese writing system and its characters have a very rich history indeed. This writing system is the same system that China used to compile what is now undisputedly the longest continuous documentation of a nation’s or people’s history and continues to progress and evolve even today. Before the Chinese writing history is discussed in any great depth

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Standardized Writing System

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    Writing has constituted an important practice in human culture since the earliest forms of writing were discovered from cave paintings made 40,000 years ago. Writing enables writers to express themselves in a writing system that conveys unique features of its associated culture. In this context, 'writing' means a standardized system for recording, in a specific language, content ranging from values to ideas to poems, etc. Humans have communicated in thousands of languages throughout history and consequently

  • Difference Between Alphabetistic And Alphabetic Writing System

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    Logographic writing systems almost symbolizes two major cultures in the world. The Western, Rome, Greece is where the alphabet was created and developed over the course of centuries. Alphabetic Writing System such as Latin, French, and English had been used as the main language and device of Western Culture. Particularly English, it is the franca langua. Although English dominates most of the globe, through colonization, political powers and such, English or any other alphabetic writing system before

  • Arabic Online Writing Systems : Arabize

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    Arabic Online writing Systems: Arabize As noted before newer devices lacked full Arabic support in the past. Today however Arabic can be used easily in almost any device. With that in mind we still find this new writing system to be used in every day online communication. AWOS today is used mainly between the youth population. The reasons mentioned earlier has almost, gone extinct. Most operating systems, websites and mobile-devices fully support Arabic. The usage now, is not out of necessity,

  • The Importance of Our Writing System through Ancient Civilization

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    the development of the writing system the most important factor that led to the rise of a civilization? How does our ancestor learned to write when school is not even available? Understand that writing system that I am referring is not the average of using tools such as ink and paper, but more of creative tool that has developed over time. In this essay, I will cover seven points on the importantance of a writing system in the ancient civilization. Firstly, a writing system enable our ancestor to

  • A Writing Ecology Is A Dynamic, Interconnected System Of Communication

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    A writing ecology is a dynamic, interconnected system of communication, which works together through interaction and sharing. As the term ‘ecology’ traditionally refers to the relationships between organisms in an environment, the ability to metaphorically link this to a concept of writing redefines the complexity of networked technologies and the influences of technological change. The ability to participate in a digitally evolving space opens up new possibilities and opportunities when accessing

  • My Writing : My Life Since My School Education System

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    Writing has been a part of my life since I was in elementary school. I read a lot of books, and wrote many fiction stories for fun. I know that I can express myself best through writing, so even essay assignments were and are a form of my communication. But since it was creative writing outside of classes that was entertaining to me, essays where I had to follow many rules were never enjoyable. However, the very first formal essay assigned in this English class felt different from the other essays

  • The Cherokee Writing System

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    The writing system that I chose to write about for this assignment is Cherokee, which is the most southern branch of the Iroquoian language family (Warren, n.d.). Though, we do not know exactly when Cherokee developed, linguistics believe it was sometime between 1804-1821. Prior to this Cherokee was a spoken language only, However, in 1821 is when the Cherokee system was first shown to the leaders of the Cherokee nation and was acknowledged as a useful Cherokee script (Cushman, 2012). It did not

  • A Look Now At China

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    cracks in order to answer a question. This reading often involved the priest carving the “answers” into the bone under the guise of creating clarity (Lyons, 18). However fraudulent their practices were, these priests had a huge influence on Chinese writing. The questions the priest’s client had would be written from top to bottom on the bone, and this is still the traditional direction of Chinese script. In

  • Imperialism In Mongolia

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    the Mongolian script having connections with pre-revolutionary values and old Buddhist religion, it was also dubbed obsolete by the Revolutionary Party because of its seemingly complicated writing system with seemingly unnecessary words, grammar and graphemes (Krueger, 1961:184). The Mongolian writing system was also the object of simplification because as it is a Semitic alphabet in origin, the letters in the alphabet had the duty of changing form, whether the grapheme had an initial, medial, or