X-ray astronomy

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  • Astronomy Essay

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    that me and my team of astronomy researchers have discovered a correlation between finding potential habitable star systems and a star's magnetic activity and X-ray emissions. Our study, titled “An Improved Age-Activity Relationship for Cool Stars Older than a Gigayear“, was led by Rachel Booth, a PhD student from the Astrophysics Research Center at Queen’s University Belfast. Our data was gathered using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA's XMM-Newton. NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory is a telescope

  • Windows on the Universe: Refracting Telescopes

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    How It Works- Refracting telescopes use two glass lenses to gather and focus light. They bend, or refract light as their name suggests, as it passes through different mediums. The objective lens gathers and then refracts it to a focus near the end of the tube. The image is magnified and brought to the viewer’s eye by the eyepiece. Information It Provides- Optical telescopes are used to observe objects, which are in the visible light spectrum, by magnifying the image and thereby improving the detail

  • Xray Essay

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    Optics Project: X-Ray Optics Students Names: Mohammad Oqlah 17668, Abdulrahman Albassam 17968, Ali Alsarraf 20730 Date: Sunday 30th October 2016 Semester: Fall 2016 I. ABSTRACT In this project report, we investigate X-ray as one of the categories under Modern Optics by looking at different aspects of it. After providing background information regarding X-rays, we provide its uses in medicine, security, and astrology. Information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of X-rays was then explored

  • The Discovery Of X Rays

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    X-rays is one of the many discoveries that revolutionized the way the humanity functions technologically, economically and socially in a fast changing world. This invention was thanks to Dr. Rontgen. His invention changed the medical and astronomy field drastically and therefore he was awarded the first Nobel prize in physics. He was awarded this incredible and highly valued award in the year 1901 after producing, detecting and then discovering these high frequency wavelengths produced by electromagnetic

  • Essay on The History of Chemistry

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    The earliest knowledge of chemistry was in 3500 B.C in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Chemistry was concerned anything that was pottery, dyes or crafts that were developed but not considerable skills because no one truly understood its purpose. The basic idea of elements or compounds were first formulated by Greek philosopher during 500 to 300 B.C when people believed fire , water, earth, and air combined to form all living and non-living things. In the beginning of Christianity an ancient Egyptian and Greek

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Image Sensors

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    IMAGE SENSORS: CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) What is CCD? CCD is a device designed for the movement of electrical charge and then its further manipulation. It is one of the major digital image sensing technology used nowadays. Image sensors detects the amount of light falling on them. The image sensor consists of smallest element of an image i.e. pixel. The pixels are composed of p-doped metal oxide semiconductor(MOS). Working principle of CCD:- In CCD image sensor the light falls on the pixels and

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Infection Control

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    Achievable” (ALARA) principle. General radiation safety principles include time, distance and shielding (7). Since the patient is male, no pregnancy check is needed. To protect the patient, the length of time that a patient remains in the path of the x-ray beam should be minimized. Therefore, it is important for radiographers to avoid unnecessary repeats and thus unnecessary exposure. Gonad shielding should be used on patients if possible, which is particularly important for young patients. In addition

  • Ct Scans : The Applications And Opportunities That A Ct Scan Offers Worth Negatives And Risks

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    negatives and risks that come along with it? Introduction: A CT scan, also known as computed tomography, utilises the computed compiling of many X-rays taken from all different directions around an object in order to form tomographic images of precise areas of the object, allowing one to see inside the object without incision. Because of the involvement with gamma rays in the process of a CT scan, there is an, albeit small, increase in the risk of developing cancer every time a scan is performed. This small

  • Ge Healthcare As A Subsidiary Of General Electric Set Up By Iconic Inventor Essay

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    GE healthcare is a subsidiary of General electric set up by Iconic inventor Thomas Edison headquartered in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. After world war II GE started using X-rays in number of ways. During that time it was realized the medicinal properties of x-rays. In 2004, the GE healthcare was founded in a view to grow company in health care sector. Innovation being the base of the company. Large population and increasing life-taking diseases had created a major sector of healthcare. GE had

  • Physics Of The Jsx 3222 Analyzer

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    energy-dispersive fluorescent X-ray spectrometer developed to analyze cadmium (Cd) included in plastic and the electric wire film material, etc. promptly. The elements range that can be measured is from sodium (Na) to uranium (U). Liquid-nitrogen cooling for the high performance detector is needed only during the analyzing time. The vacuum and atmosphere are switched to the measurement atmosphere by the one button operation. When X-rays (primary X-rays) are illuminated from the X-ray tube to the specimen