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Marcus Moore
Women Of Color In USA
Julie Lewi
February 24, 2017 Sexualization & Sexual Exploitations Of WOC Although we live in the 21-century women of color across the United States, have been victims of one or more forms of discrimination. The fight to bridge the gender equality gap is a war that has been going on for generations. Women of color never had the gratification of being just a woman, for they are intertwined with issues of sexualization and sexual exploitation. The representations of the past and present frames WOC as sexualized objects. It’s part of a system of social disempowerment and victimization. It’s part of the larger picture of institutionalized racism that has great personal and …show more content…

Saartjie was paraded all around London and Paris freak show exhibits. European whites never saw a black woman 's naked body before. European whites were left in awe at her large breasts and behind. White woman and men paid to see her naked body displayed in a cage. Baartman 's remains were the basis for scientific racism. Whites used her frame to produce a borderline separating the strange African female and typical European woman. Whites used her buttocks as the prominent highlight in projecting her like a savage. In animations and pictures, Baartman 's characteristics were often fabricated to emphasize the distinction separating European women. This social structure of visible representation likely magnified and reinforces racist perspectives. Since the invention of television, the media and film industry has contributed to sexually exploit, and oppress woman of color, not only in America but also around the world. There is a great focus on women of color as sexual targets. This is deleterious to society because the media are creating social stereotypes for women of color that can occur in unhealthy social and physical habits. For example, Women of color are sexualized in particular forms perceived as animalistic and sexual with a firm focus on body appearance mainly the posterior. Sexualization has given women an ideal version of who they are supposed to be.

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