1.0 Executive Summary . In The World Today, Information

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1.0 Executive Summary In the world today, information technology is very essential in the survival of any sector of the economy. There has been major developments in the IT field which have been used by several businesses to reap the desired results. With the developments in IT, life has been made easier and sweeter. However, IT also comes with its own problems and challenges. Healthcare business is one of the sector that utilizes IT. Major developments in the healthcare industry can be attributed to the use of IT. In this paper, the focus will be on the IT in the healthcare industry. The paper discusses the role of IT, its necessity, importance, requirements, risks associated with IT, and IT can be maintained and monitored. 2.0 The …show more content…

Other forms of IT development in the healthcare sector includes use of telemedicine and E-health. Therefore, there is a great necessity and importance of IT in the healthcare industry as it makes healthcare provision easier and accessible to many people. 3.0 Requirements for Application of IT in Healthcare Industry. Implementing and applying of information technology in the healthcare industry is not generally easy. One of the reasons behind this is that, people will always tend to be reluctant to change and they do not welcome change(Huryk, 2010). They will always tend to remain with the old technologies rather than use the new technology. Therefore, managers are faced with a hard task of convincing the healthcare givers the advantages of the new system and the implication to the business. Lack of enough knowledge and skills to make the technology implemented work is also a major challenge in the application of IT in the healthcare business. Therefore, even if the technology may have problems they may go undetected as the management believes it is working right. Failure or a malfunction of the health IT possess a potential risk to the lives of patients. Therefore it is important to adhere to some steps before the application of the IT programs. 3.1 Preparation There should be prior preparation before any health IT program is implemented or introduced. The implementation should start long before the technology arrives to the business(“healthcare information technology

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