Nurses Role In The SDLC Process

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Role of Nurses in the SDLC Process
Implementing Health Information System (HIS) in health care is viewed as an effective strategy to deliver safe and integrated patient care. After the introduction of incentive payments to meaningful use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) many health care organizations are actively undergoing the process of HIS implementation or its update to deliver quality care (Boswell, 2011). It is crucial to analyze the factors that will lead to successful implementation of HIS thereby the organizations not only save money but also choose to adopt the technology that is appropriate.
Systems Development Life Cycle
Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a multi-step process that involves development, implementation, evaluation, …show more content…

Many studies including the study that was done on the implementation of Lorenzo application in England health care system have repeatedly proven that non-user engagement has led to failed implementations. Users such as nurses should be involved in choosing the system, designing the interface, evaluation, actual implementation and the continued development (Cresswell, Morrison, Crowe, Robertson, & Sheikh, …show more content…

Super users will be able to aid in troubleshoot issues after going live and to reach out to appropriate resources to solve it (Laney, 2013). End users can share their perceptions and concerns towards the new HIS to the nurse leaders or the super users, and their valuable input will be considered during the process of update or modification.
Maintenance and Destruction:
HIS needs a constant upgrade, troubleshooting or a new software change based on the evaluation after the implementation to meet the needs of the organization. During every upgrade or change, the staff in the organization goes through a mini SDLC every few months or years. As discussed, nurses should continue to be involved in all these changes to ensure proper staff education and to help them understand the need for the constant change. Otherwise, it will again cause burnout or frustration among the staff.
The role of nurses does not end with patient care nowadays. Nurses should have the knowledge and understanding of the informatics and are expected to share their opinions regarding the proposed technology. Nurses’ participation in every phase of SDLC is highly appreciated as it creates a positive impact in the process of HIS implementation (“Nurse Leaders,”

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