1.0: Walmart Was First Founded By Sam Walton, Also Referred

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1.0: Walmart was first founded by Sam Walton, also referred to as “Mr. Sam” by people personally associated with Walton. His first store opened in Rogers Arkansas, in 1962. Although, Walmart was not his first business, in 1950’s Walton operated another successful store in Arkansas, named “Walton’s 5&10” (Wal-Mart Stores, 2017). Walmart’s popularity began to grow, Walton took the success of one store and opened several other in the forthcoming years. Walmart growth has been so profound that now this retailer can be found in 27 countries including several locations in every state in the US. In over forty years from the opening of the first location, Walmart has achieved many milestones. These triumphs are contributed to the increase in …show more content…

The customer may establish loyalty to the retailer which is contributed largely to cost savings on items normally bought at a higher price from other chains, or friendliness and helpfulness from Walmart’s employees. Suppliers are also considered as a primary shareholder, due to the concept they are directly affected by the success of a store, and the sales on goods supplied. Walmart’s secondary stakeholders are not ones that directly work with the retailer, these may include the media, unions, banks, or its competitor stores (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2017). One of the most controversial issues involving Walmart retailer is the accusations of bribery of government officials in Mexico by Walmart executives and leaders. Media coverage by The New York Times proved that the international business conducted by Walmart showed illegal acts, outlined in top executive emails, including $24 million in bribes, dates, and names of all involved. This proved the top execs had knowledge of these illegal actions and attempted to cover it up. This Scandal lead to significant loss in stocks and lawsuits that costed the company billions. Ultimately, this scandal caused Mike Duke who ran Walmart’s international sector stepped down from his position and the CEO Lee Scott retired from his. This has also opened many other investigations in other operating countries (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2017). Much

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