1.Discuss The Basic Thesis Of The “Great Man” Notion Of

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1. Discuss the basic thesis of the “great man” notion of leadership? What is (are) the inherent weaknesses?

The “great man” notion of leadership asserts that only a few men, those who possess certain identifiable qualities or characteristics (that are said to be unique to them), which gives them the distinct ability to achieve greatness, make a difference, lead and move “history forward substantially and dramatically because of their greatness” (Van Wart, 2015, p. 9). These abilities apply specifically to only those who are born into greatness; education, wealth, connections and senior appointments, for instance. The theory also assumes that since leader qualities are inherent, they cannot be easily learned. Membership in this …show more content…

Trait theory hopes to identify and measure those personality characteristics that are positively correlated to successful leadership and, in turn, maximize the selection and recruitment of those leaders who possess certain traits and skills. While Trait theory has helped us understand how traits are related to leadership behavior and effectiveness, it does not identify which traits are the most important for effective leaders and, there is no proven correlation between leader qualities and standards of leader success. Additionally, leadership qualities and traits alone are not sufficient for achieving effectiveness. Thus, some of the problems with the trait approach to leadership were the theory’s failure to address leadership development and the how or why traits develop. The theory does not account for personality changes. Moreover, Trait theory does not consider situational factors relating to the leader’s role in the organization, the culture of the organization, or the environment affecting the organization.
3. What are the contributions of the (1) contingency, (2) pure transformational, and (3)”servant” approaches to leadership? What are the inherent weaknesses?

The Contingency approach identifies the success of the leader as a function of various contingencies

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