1.Understanding The Criminal Behavior System And Crime

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1. Understanding the criminal behavior system and crime typologies that the book demonstrates; it is kind of hard to distinguish what type of serial killer Robert Durst is. Judging from the book examples of different type of serial killers, I would have to say Robert Durst is a hybrid serial killer. While some of his actions from the video series, “The Jinx”, lead me to feel as if he was an expedience killer who wants to protect themselves from a perceived threat as the book states. Some of Durst’s actions also lead me to believe he was a mission killer, who had a vision for killing someone. None of his victims seemed as if they were some random act of murder. I feel as if he had a mission to kill all of them.; one reason making me suspect …show more content…

Firstly, if Robert Durst was found guilty of killing his wife Kathleen Durst; I feel as if this would be the consensus view of crime. This law states all crime is reflected by public opinion. During the series, The Jinx, many of Kathleen’s friends and family said they felt as if Robert had something to do with the disappearance of his wife. Some of Kathleen staked out the house of Robert Durst and seen him discarding some of her belongs; not to long after she was concluded to be missing. Durst then went to drop the missing reward by a significant amount, around 80 thousand to be exact. Which can cause the public to gain more suspicion towards Robert Durst. Robert’s actions contributed to the disappearance of his wife proved he was a threat to society, no matter what his social class or status was.
On the same view of crime, the killing of his friend Susan Berman can be looked upon as a consensus view of crime as well. How will the society feel with a man who executed someone being able to roam around? Even though Durst isn’t selling drugs he is a menace to society, who feel as if he is above the law. Robert would frequently sent money to Susan, can this be so she wouldn’t say anything to police if interrogated? Durst can be doing this crime, which promotes his behavior to continue. This will make the people in the state of California where Susan Berman was murdered will continue to feel

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