10 Habits Of Happy People

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10 Habits of Happy People! Do you know this? Somewhere within each of us, there exists a supreme self who is always at eternal peace. This means, however difficult or dire your situation is, there always is a source in your own self to derive solace from. In other words, each one can and has to find his/her peace from within. This peace is real and cannot be affected by outside circumstances. Happiness results from the possession or attainment of what one considers good, the supreme of which is peace. It could also be said, while pleasure, which is broadly considered as happiness, is something derived from outside, joy arises from within. Happy people always carry peace with them. Peace makes your heart beautiful and in turn makes your physical self beautiful too. We shall now examine the 10 habits of Happy People. 1. Live in the present The tested and accepted truth is, living one day at a time is the key to happiness. When you procrastinate and put until tomorrow what you could have done today as well, you run the risk of dying leaving a job undone. The best day in a week, a month or a year is TODAY. Happiness lies in enjoying a day’s work and loving deadlines. If you stand on an island of opportunities, but think another land is greener you are the loser. There is no other land; there is no other life but this. There is no other day but today. 2. Thank Heavens for each second What all you have right this second? Think not of what you have not; think what you have and
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