12 Dancing Barbies Essay

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Barbie is, basically, a blonde, blue-eyed, and a perfect looking doll that was made as a toy for young girls. It was originally introduced in America (1959). The Barbie doll has a great influence on both adults and children. To illustrate, for adults, Barbie doll is grounded in the notion that dolls reinstall the oppressions of patriarchy and the detrimental aspects of capitalism in a dangerous manner under the guise of child’s play. In this regard, feminist perspectives on beauty call attention to the high value that patriarchal society places on the attractiveness in women. Therefore, the message to women and young girls is that beauty is a central feature of a woman’s identity. Nonetheless, this significant message assigns role for women. They are expected to be, always, nicely dressed with full makeup and waiting for their husbands to welcome them. These women are just like the well-dressed doll that is left at home waiting for her owner to come from school to play with it. …show more content…

In "Twelve Dancing Barbies," Jong relates the title of her article to her favourite fairy tale that was called "The Twelve Dancing Princesses". To her, children are able to escape reality by going to the alternative world of magic and imaginations where they are extremely enjoying. This is highly shown when the twelve princesses "leave beds and travel to an underground realm where they dance all night with twelve princes." Yet, this would only happen "when the adults are not looking." Consequently, she stated that adults need a "fantasy doll" to create their own world where they can act spontaneously like children in fairytales. Hence, this suggestion might reveal that adults are living in a harsh reality. Similarly to Wolitzer, She sees her sons free and comfortable only when they play with their Barbie as they are able to create "an entire imagined universe for

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