127 Hours Essay

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Irony thrusts its way into Aron Ralston’s powerful memoir, Between a Rock and a Hard Place. The idiomatic expression, “stuck between a rock and a hard place” is often utilized by those faced with two unpleasant choices. The title of his book is where irony first takes stage. If not for the rock, Ralston’s right arm would still be in place and his appreciation for life would remain unchanged. Surprisingly, Ralston has no bitter resentment toward the canyon where he spent 127 hours trapped between a wedged boulder and a canyon wall. Instead, he was eternally grateful for this circumstance even though it so nearly ended his life. It is no wonder why his story inspired people all over the world—especially those who share his infatuation …show more content…

Due to this trial, Aron Ralston gained an even stronger sense of passion for nature itself and an enlightened perspective on destiny. Ralston says “[It’s] like looking through a telescope into the Milky Way and wondering if we're alone in the universe, it made me realize with the glaring clarity of desert light how scarce and delicate life is,” (108). Ralston begins the chapter by asking himself, “How would I behave in a situation that

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