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DeWALT DC827KL 18V Impact Driver DeWalt is out with a new driver, this time, it’s an 18V Impact Driver Kit, the DeWALT DC827KL 18V ¼-inch Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit with Nano Technology. It is a lightweight driver with long lasting batteries, which are interchangeable with other DeWALT 18V tools. In this DC827KL review, we will be looking at some of driver’s best features. If you are interested in it, read on to figure out if this is the right driver for your or if it isn’t. Here are some of our favorite features. Lightweight and Great Design It is not uncommon to have to hold a driver for long periods. In some instances, it may be necessary to hold the driver for two hours or more. It is one of the reasons why it is good to …show more content…

It is definitely enough power to do any job – even for professionals. It also has great speed, which goes from 0-2,.400 RPM and 0-2,700 RPM. The driver also features replaceable brushes, a one-hour charger, a frameless motor, and an all metal transmission. The gear case is also very durable. What Others Are Saying Here are some user comments from the DC827KL’s Amazon page. “I didn't think I could love a tool more than my first impact driver. Was I wrong! This is absolutely the greatest tool made for people who drive a lot of screws.” “the small size and lightweight won't wear out your arm from a day of driving hundreds of screws. The Nano battery is so light that when I first picked one up, I thought it must be a dislay dummy battery. Dewalt claims this battery has the same work rating as the NiCad battery but it sure seems to last much longer to me.” “this is a great tool made better. It will out drive and driver any of my regular drivers with power to spare. This new Nano tech tool is even better due to the bright light that lights up the work." "To my amazement, one of the fastest drivers during my brief testing was the lightest weight driver which was the Dewalt DC827KL. This driver only weighed 2 pounds 2 ounces without a battery on my scale. And even though this driver specs out at 1,330in-lbs of torque (less than some of the other tools), it had no trouble breaking loose nuts torqued down well beyond this torque limit. And

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