1900s Film History

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Film has revolutionized the world as we know it. In the current day and age film is quite advanced. You can watch movies with special effects and insane resolution there were never thought possible before. But film has not always been this way. Over the decades since around the 1900s when the first film was made there been amazing advances in technology and in acting. An examination of the past hundred or so years will show the amazing advances film has taken to come to what we know of it today.
The first place to look when you are looking into the history of film is the 1900s. The 1900s to 1910 is when the very first film machine was invented and used for the first time. The early technology of film was invented by and demonstrated by Raoul Gromain-sanson. Raoul presented his Cineorama system in the early 1900s. “Cineorama featured an enormous panoramic screen, onto which were projected ten simultaneous images side …show more content…

It started out with GW Griffith. He was the director of many movies and short films. His early work in short films “were the first to combine all the new narrative devices, including cross-cutting, multiple camera positions, inter-titles, and close-ups.” (Matthew Hunt) GW Griffith is considered the first modern director. A household comedian name Charlie Chaplin was a very early actor in the history of cinema. Originally Charlie Kaplan was in London but around 1910 he immigrated to America. In America Charlie Chaplin starred in many silent movies. One of the movies he is most well-known for is “the tramp” this movie gained him worldwide popularity and became the world’s most recognizable actor. Soon GW Griffith noticed and began to work with Charlie Chaplin. After creating some more films “Chaplin founded the independent studio United Artists in 1919.” (Matthew Hunt) between 1908 in 1911 there was a very short period called the Brazilian cinema. During the short time some very popular productions were

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