19th Century Gender Roles Essay

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The Awakening.

In the nineteenth century women lived in an age of inequality because of their gender. Women had very limited choices when it came to their occupational choices, which is why most women stayed home to care for their children take care of the house, keep things clean, and in line and make sure that everything was ready before their husbands came home from their longs days of working. When it came to the lower classed women most of them would work but unfortunately they would not be paid as good as they should, because the jobs they were allowed to have would be domestic servants or even laborers in factories. No matter how hard they worked their pay would stay the same. Why? Well because they were women and they were seen as they should not be working in the first place.
Some women would still get up every day and go to work no matter how unfairly they were treated because they knew that they needed the money, and that going to work was the only way that they would be able to support their family. The nineteenth century gender roles compared to the twenty first century gender roles are almost completely different. In some jobs women are over men, but if it was to be back in the nineteenth century that would never be allowed. Even though some women are over men in some workplaces, some women still do not get paid the same amount for the same job as men do.
When a woman got married she would not get any say in how the family was. She was just there to watch

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