1Give A School-Based Example Of Two Of The Following: Positive

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1 Give a school-based example of two of the following: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment, or extinction. Positive reinforcement- Half of the class doesn’t stay in line as desired. The teacher specifically compliments students who are faced forward, have their hands by their side, and are walking with purpose. This praise has increased the desired line behavior in all students. Extinction- Heather often blurts out inappropriate comments during class, and the whole class laughs. The teacher has determined Heather does this behavior, because she wants attention. The teacher gets the whole class in on ignoring Heather’s inappropriate comments. Eventually, Heather does not blurt out inappropriate comments during class. …show more content…

Kira’s peers laugh. Mrs. Smith gives an unconfident “okay.” 40 seconds Mrs. Smith asks what a good story should start with. Kira raises her hand, and states, “A good story starts with ‘The End’” Kira looks around at her classmates. Mrs. Smith says, “Kira, that is enough.” Kira’s classmates laugh. I think the function of Kira’s behavior is to get attention from her peers. Kira is often looking around at her peers after she acts inappropriately. After all of Kira’s inappropriate behaviors, her peers laugh. Kira could also be attempting to show power over Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith keeps telling Kira to stop, and Kira continues making inappropriate comments. It seems like Kira is testing Mrs. Smith, and her use of only verbal reprimands. 4 Nigel’s problem behavior includes cursing, making derogatory comments toward other students, yelling, spitting, and shoving chairs. What type of a measurement system would you use to collect data on Nigel’s problem behaviors? Explain your answer. I would use direct observations to collect data on Nigel. I would conduct an ABC analysis on Nigel to map out his target behaviors, determine definitions of target behaviors, and hypothesize a function for the behaviors. Once these target behaviors have been defined, and identified, I would do an event record of Nigel’s target behaviors. I would record how often Nigel demonstrates any of the problem behaviors to determine which behaviors are the most

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