2016 Primary Election And Presidential Election Essay

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The 2016 primary election has been the most intriguing in modern history, mainly due to one candidate; Donald J. Trump. Before he won the general election, President-elect Donald J. Trump won the Republican primary. Since the day he announced his candidacy by riding down an escalator in Trump Tower, pundits and politicians didn’t seriously believe he had a chance. As the debates were held and the primaries went on, it became apparent that he had an actual chance of winning the nomination. The Republican primary showed that there was an anger toward traditional politicians, an anger which Donald Trump tapped into. The rise of Trump also showed that the old rules of what was acceptable to say do not apply any more. These and other factors lead me to the conclusion that the Republican party lost control of the 2016 primary election and failed to choose its eventual nominee. To understand how the GOP failed to select its candidate, we should first understand the circumstances leading up to the 2016 primary. In the 1990’s the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other free trade deals dealt a blow to US manufacturing. People that worked in manufacturing lost their jobs, in addition to those in the steel and coal industries . These factors affected the area known as the Rust Belt especially hard. In politics, for decades, politicians learned that to get votes, they must act very polished and speak like a politician. Both Democrats and Republicans were generally

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