`` Shifting The Center : Race, Class, And Feminist Theorizing About Motherhood Essay

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The New York Times columnist David Brooks calls it “the greatest political shock of our lifetime.” At the end of August, it seemed as though Donald Trump was destined to fail in his bid to become the 45th President of the United States. After months of new revelations of sexual harassments and use of vulgar language, spectators of the political sport were almost certain that Secretary Clinton would win, and then that fateful day came. Everyone, including some of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters were shocked at the outcome of the election, leaving many to ask how such a thing could happen. While still shocking, ideas and concepts learned in the Election the President seminar have helped to explain the process, the results, and even the candidates themselves.
One of the most useful lessons learned in the seminar class was that of what it means to shift the center. In her article “Shifting the Center: Race, Class, and Feminist Theorizing About Motherhood”, Patricia Hill Collins discusses the importance of looking at issues from the context of people of different racial, social, economic, and political backgrounds. She writes that “varying placement in systems of privilege, whether race, class, sexuality, or age, generate divergent experiences,” which allows to engage in “theorizing that embraces differences as an essential part of commonality.” Only when we are able to look at an issue or policy from different perspectives and contexts can we understand its implications on

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