21st Century Teaching and Learning Culture Provides Trust, Collaboration, Respect

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The developed approach of the 21st century teaching and learning environment provides a good model for other public schools with low performance and non-adequate yearly progress (AYP) to apply. This model is considered to deal with different issues by developing specific concepts such as trust, collaboration, respect, and other positive relationships between school members. It gives the urban high school a solid foundation to overcome its problems and be prepared to adopt a change.
The traditional overview process of reforming the school culture is different from the process of the 21st century teaching and learning reforming model. According to Hinde (2003), “Traditionally, schools do not have the organizational capacity to formulate the …show more content…

The positive relationship between staff would lead them to share their experiences and advice which would help non-AYP school teachers to apply different teaching styles to help their students learn and pass the state tests.
Besides having a model that has a clear vision, goals, and care about school members’ voices, it is important to have sufficient time to learn and understand the process and policy of change (Hinde, 2003, The need for time and professional development, para. 5). In the urban high school 21st century learning model, the activity such as drawing a chronological lifeline would give the teachers some time to realize and engage with the change. Since all students under the No Child Left Behind Act are required to take the state tests, even Limited-English Proficient (LEP) (Stump & Kelly, 2006, p. 3), the professional development and teachers’ process of knowing their students, their families, and their backgrounds would strengthen their relationships. This positive relationship would affect the students’ level of achievement.
The role of a principal in building trust in the process of change would help teachers and students to believe in adaptation. Adaptation considered as an important tool for a school principal to overcome difficulties (Fiedler, 2008). Changing the classroom environment, the methods of engaging students’

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