The Crisis In Education In Detroit, Michigan

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Crisis in education is an ongoing problem in the world. The crisis is money in the system, and kids not getting the education they need or deserve for college or even their career field. One example of the crisis pertaining to the money aspect is a scandal that happened here in Detroit, Michigan. In an article by Jennifer Chambers of The Detroit News, Ronnie Sims, ex-principal of Fleming Elementary, was sentenced 15 months because he took over $59,000 from DPS and used most of it for personal wants. What is so significant about this crisis is the fact that DPS is a failing school district in Michigan. They already were bankrupt as a city before the crisis and this situation just caused them to go deeper in debt. Another example of crisis, is …show more content…

Another crisis is the way kids in 3rd world countries don’t have supplies necessary for school and the United States have plenty of supplies to share. We need to have the government take action in this crisis and start providing outlets for the dropout kids, give school principals and teachers raises so they will not have to steal money in order to survive and have recreational activities, and send more supplies to the other counties since we are succeeding so much as a country. In order to prevent the dropout and financial crisis in schools, we need to have more substantial student to teacher associations, better security measures for students coming to school, and schools that are financially responsible.
Student to teacher associations can help decrease the high school dropout rate. If you are a student questioning school then you should find a consultant like a teacher that you …show more content…

This is one of the major crisis as to why we don't really have good education systems. Without money in the educational system it is hard for schools to have parties and have special field trips and incentives for students. A lot of the time we do have a lot of money for these things but sometimes the people over the money are not responsible with it and might use it for personal gain or a dumb item that no one really needs. An example of this would be what I described in my first paragraph with Ronnie Sims little incident. There are cases like that everyday and no one really knows it. Most of the time it might be like “If I did it the first time perfectly I could do it again” eventually if you take $100 each day of the year that could add up to thousands of dollars by the end of the year and you will most likely get put into the hot seat. We need to hire secretaries responsible enough to handle the money and avoid people from accessing such accounts involving school money or even the school system money.

In conclusion, schools need to come up with a way to enhance student to teacher associations, better security measures for students and schools that are financially responsible. If schools can agree on a way to make class life better for students we will see a significant increase in schools production. The system is corrupt and without a plan cannot be fixed. Schools need a base to start in order to make progress to

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