Essay on 3 Key Aspects of the Anaesthetic Nurse Role

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An in-depth analysis of three key aspects of the anaesthetic nurse role

The relationship between the perioperative nurse and the patient has suffered a long process of mutation throughout the last decades. If before all the dynamics experienced within an operating theatre were based upon organizational and logistical aspects, these days the focus lies on the patient and all the comfort and security demanded throughout a process that already reveals itself aggressive for the patient. Being the front-line person in this dynamic, the anaesthetic nurse plays a crucial and intense role on the patient’s experience.

An anaesthetic nurse is knowledgeable and technically skilled. However, as Flin and colleagues extensively analysed (2008), …show more content…

In addition, Lingard and colleagues have studied and supported the idea of preoperative checklist and team briefings to prevent or decrease communication failures (Lingard et al. 2008). In fact, the World Health Organization has standardised a surgical safety list (appendix 1) that through effective communication ensures the right patient, right procedure and the necessary steps/actions are guaranteed (World Health Organization 2008).

On the other hand, although a team briefing is not a requirement it enhances communication and teamwork and highlights possible issues that can be dealt more effectively if all the team members are aware and help (for example sharing with the team members an anticipated difficult intubation).

Situation Awareness

Situation awareness has been explained as a three stage process: perception, comprehension and projection (Endsley 2012). According to Endsley, situation awareness begins by perceiving the elements of the environment (Level 1) after which an integration and understanding of those elements (Level 2) will then generate a prediction of near-future events (Level 3).

Situation awareness is one of the non-technical skills that were first acknowledged

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