Patient Care At The Post Anaesthetic Care Unit ( Pacu )

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This essay discusses and reflects upon patient care in the post anaesthetic care unit (PACU) and is linked to my experiences on placement. It discusses how my approach to patient care has been challenged and analyses how evidence based practice can create a change in the way patients are cared for. It reviews the processes of managing the perioperative environment and evaluates the implications for practice when applying a change in healthcare. Wicker and O’Neill (2010) state that “The lack of immediate medical support in the recovery room means that practitioners work in a more autonomous role than any other area of the operating department” (p.379). By reflecting upon my experiences I am able to link practical and theoretical aspects of the operating department practitioner (ODP) job role. This will provide me with a greater understanding of professional practice and it will develop my personal knowledge and self-awareness (Forrest, 2008). Using a model of reflection is important as it provides a framework that can be systematically followed and acts as a guide through the process of reflection. For this essay I have chosen to use the Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle (1988) as it provides a methodical guide to reflection using a series of ordered questions that each lead to the next stage of the cycle (Forrest, 2008). My experiences have covered a variety of patients and surgical procedures and the majority of patients have been cared for appropriately. Occasionally I have
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