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ELC3521 Professional Communication in English

Unit 1 Planning project proposals

Unit 1
Planning project proposals
Learning outcomes
At the end of the unit, you will be able to:

plan and organise project proposals explain the background, objectives and method of a project refer to the literature to justify a project proposal use appropriate language in project proposals

Part of the work involved in a research project is the writing of the project proposal. The proposal is a brief account of the topic or area you have chosen to examine and a brief explanation of how you intend to investigate the topic. An effective project proposal can help you to convince your readers, such as your supervisor, that you have a …show more content…


Questions you should ask

Is the information relevant to my topic?

Which part of the information should I use? (the theories? the arguments? the examples? the conclusion?)

What aspect of my topic is the information related to?

How can I make use of this piece of information in my writing? (to support? to counter-argue? to compare and contrast?)

Where can I find the information I need? (Library? Government departments? The Internet?)

What is the focus of my topic?

What are some separate ideas or concepts that are related to my topic?

What questions am I trying to answer?

Do I need to refer to some background information, journal articles, books, photographs, statistics, company policies, etc.?

Do I know who wrote the information? Is it created by an institution or individual I can trust?

Do I know when the information was written? Is it up-to-date?

If the resource is on the Internet, is the information updated regularly?

Is the information based on facts or only opinions? Is it objective?

Can I find similar information from a more reliable source?

What is the main idea of this source?

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ELC3521 Professional Communication in English

Unit 1 Planning project proposals

Analysing the structure of a project proposal
The structure of a proposal is generally determined by the nature of the project, as well as by the

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