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DONCASTER COLLEGE Certificate in Education and Training Unit 404 Using Resources for Education and Training Candidate: Cheila Mara Battistella Tutor: Derrick Walker March 2015 Introduction This study aims to ensure that the resources used to deliver and assess the subject are suitable for all learners and, that the range and relevance of learning and teaching materials and media have been used effectively. Also reflect on good practice in the use of materials, and common errors that should be avoided. In this regard, provide ideas and examples for the use of teaching materials to enhance student learning. Furthermore, develop professional skills as a teacher assuring that the resources used are effective and that …show more content…

When taking into consideration the learners weaknesses and strengths, a teacher must remember to ensure equality of opportunity, and they are in a position of doing that by “providing a learning environment that positively involves all your learners, and it is free from favouritism and discrimination […]”(Ann Gravells and Susan Simpson, 2009, p 40). Acknowledging learners’ needs and finding ways to meet their needs is imperative. This may involve reading, setting extra teaching sessions and considering LSA support. Using the help and support of a Learner support assistant can be an excellent alternative when dealing with groups where there are many learners with different needs. According to Ann Gravells and Susan Simpson You may need to adapt various situations as they arise – for example, if a discussion becomes biased, create an opportunity to discuss both sides of the argument. You might also have to adapt resources, for example, to ensure minority groups are represented (2009, p 40). Ways in which minimum core elements can be demonstrated when using resources for inclusive teaching and learning. The minimum core elements: literacy, numeracy and IT skills can help support the learner as they progress to further study or the world of work. In addition, they can also help to engage and motivate learners when the resources used are appropriate in terms of level, quality,

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