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Unit 4222-366 Understand and meet the nutritional requirements of individuals with dementia
Outcome 1 Understand the nutritional needs that are unique to individuals with dementia
1 Descride how congnitive, functional and emotional changes asspociated with dementia can affect eating, drinking and nutrition.
Cognitive- People with dementia some times struggles to reconise food and drink, which is sometimes when they do not eat any food or drink but down in front of them or do not like what they see or food thier not used to. This is because of the damage the has be caused in the brain. If that person has a problem with their sight and can not see what their are eating or drinking ensure their have the correct glasses on if their wear
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Because of not drinking could lead to headaches, increased confusion, constipation or urinary tract infection. Its imporatant that a person with dementia has a healthy well balanced diet. With someone in later stage dementia in is important to make sure they have the correct nutrition and by seeking advice from a dietitian can help to maintain thay person well being.

3 Outline how other health and emotional conditions may affect the nutritional needs of an individuals with dementia.
Depression- Because some one has lost their appetite could be a sign of depression and this is a common with people with dementia. There are treaments which could help with depression which are medication or other therapies. Speak to their GP or nurse for guidance.
Communication- A person with demnetia has a problem with identifying that their are hungry or do not like the food that they have been give. They may refuse to eat or hold the food in their mouth. By given a person with dementia choice of what their would like to eat, use prompts or pictures could help.
Pain- The person could be in pain and find eating to diffcult or uncomfortable. Ask them if their mouth is sore or their could have a problem with their dentures or their teeth. Having regular check ups or if unable to go to the dentsit see if you can have a dentist call to their home. Its important that a person has oral hygiene and mouth checks.
Tiredness- a person with dementia may feel tired and not feel like eating or
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