5. What Therapeutic Communication Techniques Did The Group

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5. What therapeutic communication techniques did the group leader use? Provide specific examples of the methods/approach/style the group leader used to lead this group. The first communication technique that I observed by the group leader was active listening. As each woman spoke, Lynna would face them, and non-verbally acknowledge what they were saying by nodding her head. At times, she would verbally acknowledge what they were saying by making a comment or saying, “I understand how you are feeling.” The one communication technique that she used over and over was giving hope to those women who were feeling down or were finding it difficult to refrain from drinking or doing drugs. She stated that although it is difficult, they will…show more content…
Her rationalization was illogical to me because if she chose to she could leave the boyfriend and get better for herself and her unborn child. She would tell herself that she needed to leave, but she would also tell herself that she needed to stay because she loved him, and her unborn child needed a father. The other defense mechanism I observed was a lady who maintained a closed posture throughout the meeting. Her arms and legs were crossed and she did not smile or maintain eye contact with anyone. When it came time for her to speak she passed. It was her first time there so I believe she just was not ready to share. 7. What coping mechanisms (nail biting, fidgeting, hair twisting, etc.) did you observe in anyone attending? Provide specific examples of these coping mechanisms and potential meaning of these behaviors. During my observations of the women in attendance, I noticed that there were several women displaying coping mechanisms. Two ladies were moving their legs rapidly up and down as it got closer for them to share their story. In this case, it showed that they were anxious or nervous and wanted to get it done and over with. After their turn passed, they seemed to relax and did not move their legs as much. There was another lady who was rocking back and forth. This is a method of self-soothing that she
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