7-Level Training Assignment

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Current Training Status: You are currently awaiting 12 months time in grade to complete 7-level training. You have already completed all online training but have not taken the 7-level test. You will complete this on or before 31 August 2017 to ensure you do not go overdue. You have also completed all of your shadowing of key individuals, completed a tape transcript, and all MFR’s associated with 7-level upgrade training. Upon reaching the 12-month mark on 1 September 2017, you will be awarded your 7-level craftsman badge. With all of your training and tests completed by 31 August 2017, you will also be awarded Watch Supervisor on 1 September 2017.
Team Member Most Probable Preferred Role: I believe you are a refiner. I believe you …show more content…

You know the rules and like to pull from other tested resources to ensure the success of the task.
Goals and Aspirations: Your current goal is to complete your 7-level training and be awarded Watch Supervisor. I covered this under education above. Another goal is for you complete your CCAF by the end of the year. You mentioned you only have two classes left. I will further explain this below under education. An aspiration that you have said that you want is to go to the tower and earn your Control Tower Operator certification (CTO). With the hard work you show every day, we will coordinate this with the CCTLR’s in both the Tower and the RAPCON to ensure this aspiration comes to fruition. You are an invaluable member of team Tyndall and will excel in the Tyndall Tower and greatly missed in the RAPCON. Also, the Chief Controller (CCTLR) brought up that some deployments coming up at the end of this year. You were very adamant about how you would like to go on one of these. We will work with the CCTLR and our manning documentation to fulfill this aspiration.
PART II - Recommendations
Additional Duty: NCOIC of Standardization and Evaluations (NSE). This position will fit your current aspiration of wanting to receive your CTO because you will have to hold all Tower facility ratings, all RAPCON facility ratings, and will also fit your cognitive and preferred team role. AFI 13-204v3 outlines what the

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