70s Music Essay

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The Changes of Music

Some things have come and gone, but when someone’s feeling sad or happy, music is always there to inspire them and make them feel better. The difference is that through the decades, happy and sad music have had opposite rythyms and beats. The music that we listen to today is a wide variety. Our parent’s generations mostly had music from the 70s, 80s, or 90s. The comparisons between them are all different. The most favored modern music pertains to rap, hip-hop, and pop. Knowing that information will help to understand the comparisons between the decades.
The 70s had a lot of disco, funk, smooth jazz, jazz-fusion, and soul. Rock music played an important part, with punk rock thriving throughout the mid to late 1970s. Other subgenres of rock achieved various amounts of success. There is not a lot in common when comparing today’s music to the music in the 70s, other than the different variations of rock
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Believe it or not, kids learn a lot from their parent’s actions. It works sort of like this: their parents grew up listening to that music, they still listen to it all the time, their kids hear that music and start to like it themselves, so then they listen to it. It is a little crazy because it is typical to think that kids think the things their parents do are “so not cool”, or “embarrassing”, but as they grow older they change and begin to understand their parents more. Now the music today is all screwed up because instead of having jazz or hip-hop or pop, it’s all mixed into pop music, which I don’t understand. There are also many different meanings now and if people don’t watch vines or YouTube videos, they won’t get some of them. Another reason why the music now is so messed up is because nobody can understand what the song is saying because the songs don’t have true meaning anymore, they are just catchy songs that teenagers enjoy and spend money to
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