90's Social Media Analysis

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The early 1990’s saw a revolution in culture - the rave scene was born. Within this obscure, lively environment a very niche sub-culture erupted; drum and bass. This wasn’t just a music genre, this was an ethos of “love, unity, peace and respect” (Hutson, 2000). The early 90’s are quite distant from present day however, and the huge efflux of technological enhancements has changed society as we know it . Specifically, how the mobile use of Facebook has reciprocated this vivacious and high-spirited sub-culture.

Prior to modern day, “website postings, mobile phone messaging, and secret flyers” (Collin, 1997) were the main ways of communicating with any attendees of a rave. Facebook provides a hub, in which these 3 mediums are incorporated alongside the many tools the social-network provides on it’s mobile base. Event pages are the pedestal of rave information, combining the 3 mediums previously stated on a page. Artists, labels and promoters can communicate with individuals, not only using events, but on the news feed too, engaging with each other and the public. Mobile communication plays a huge point here, as artists are often on the move. So being able to amass this on their mobile device, means that this social hub can be
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This was due to the sub-culture not only “deviating”, but the raves’ “aesthetic and lifestyle rejected by both scene enthusiasts and outsiders” (Anderson, 2009). Facebook’s mobile platform however disproves this, as mobile media creates an “intensification of individualism” (Castells et al, 2007). So the rise of people being more disclosing would mean the previous rejection; from inside the sub-culture and society itself, has been eradicated. This is due to the need to create our own image of ourselves, which so happens to fall in place alongside other individuals - through the distribution of information and experiences - in the form of drum and bass, without disruption of
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