A Autobiography Of My Father : A Biography Of A Father

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A Biography about a dad
My father, Nat Umpornpuckdi was born on October 24, 1962 in Bangkok, Thailand. His parents Wanna Umpornpuckdi (mother) and Kanit Umpornpuckdi (father) and Pam Ratawessnant (sister) were all well educated people. My father was primarily home schooled up until sixth grade due to my grandfather Kanit needing to move around frequently due to his job. After being home schooled, he was sent to a boarding school called Bangkok Christian College for the remaining years of his education starting at age 11.
At Bangkok Christian College, my father did well in his studies and was popular among his friends. Although the school was all boys, there was also an all girls school down the street that would come to join his school for Sunday prayers and special occasions. My father also was a great athlete setting and breaking several school swim records. He learned not to swim in the pool or at the beach like we do now, but in the river like most kids during those days. He said once told me that, “There were three rivers that came together and if you were strong enough to swim out of that without dying, you could make it anywhere.” He also told me, “During those times, several large boats would be in the water speeding through not caring if people were bathing, swimming or just wading around and sometimes people would get hit and die.” He was lucky and was a very strong young man.
During his high school years, he wanted to become either a policeman like my

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