A Better Relationship Between Aboriginal And Non Aboriginal Community

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Throughout this whole journey of studying AB100, the one goal I have always had was to form a better relationship between myself and those of the Aboriginal community. It wasn’t until I started studying that I realised that this is a shared goal, with organisations having the goal to promote reconciliation. The reason I want to develop a better relationship with the Aboriginal community is not because it’s something to study but more because it is something to undertake. This assessment allowed me the opportunity to do just that by discussing the problems and coming up with original concepts and actions to make a difference where I could. My actions may not be the mighty revolutionary component to creating a better relationship and respect between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community. But the point is I did something, no matter how small, I created awareness amongst the people close to me and created knowledge and relationships for myself and gained a deeper sense of respect and trust towards the Indigenous. My primary goal for this assessment alone was to create awareness and from that inspire the people I know and to break down stereotypes and discrimination to achieve the end goal of equality. Even after I finish this course it will still be important to me as throughout my life and career as a nurse I will be engaging with Aboriginals and to have the knowledge of how to engage and collaborate with them will be something to value. Not only that but also there is every

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