A Bike Shop That Sells And Exchange Bikes

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The business I’m going to set up is going to be a bike shop that sells and exchange bikes and offers the public a price off their next bike that they buy with us, and we will do up old bikes and then give them to underprivileged Children at a greatly reduced price. We will also offer cycling lessons for a fee of £5 an hour if needed, My co-workers is trained and if allowed to do this, We will also allow parents to accompy their kids in the lessons if they wish.. Every month I will conduct a raffle for a £100 gift card to the shop and every customer who buys a product, or gives in their old bike will be entered. I will set up this business as throughout my time living in Carmarthen I have had to go out my way to visit the bike shops the three main bike shops are not in town there are on the outskirts and if I set up my business in town I will be in prime locations for customers that don’t want to travel to the outskirts of town for their biking needs, so there is a gap in the market for my business idea as there are only 3 other bike shops in Carmarthen out of the way of the town centre if people are in the town centre here will visit my shop instead of driving out of the town for their biking needs. The business will be a partnership this will allow us to stay open longer as we can do shifts, my studies in business have allowed me to understand what it takes to own a successful business and my co-worker studied sports and has a wide knowledge of bikes which allow us to work

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