A Brave New World and Island by Aldous Huxley

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She had one child, Mathew Huxley, before she passed on in 1955. Her death was caused by breast cancer, but was soon forgotten. Since Aldous remarried in 1956 to Laura Archera. This just goes to show that Aldous did not show his emotions or even believe in mourning over the dead. The visible proof is that of his wife dying of breast cancer and then a year later he marries another woman with no problem. This comes full circle and relates to both Brave New World and Island, where death is not an issue since it is controlled in some way.
In addition, Aldous also had a tendency to use psychedelic while writing his books, there was a feeling that he admired while on these drugs. No one really knows what he felt that made him become addicted to drugs like mescaline and LSD. But, his novels really reflected the use of these mind-altering drugs, as evidenced by hard to follow flashbacks and obscure plots. Even though he was diagnosed with cancer and was slowly drifting away because of it, Aldous died by the hand of LSD not of cancer. Slipping away on LSD was something that Aldous wanted, and asked from his wife, Laura, as mentioned before, to pass him the LSD so that he could take it as he slipped away.
Now looking at Island, it starts off with a very hallucenagenic beginning where one is not sure what is going on.…
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