A Breif History of Rome

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Rome is a fascinating place to visit. The ancient history is very interesting to many people. Rome also has a new world that appeals to visitors. Many people go to visit Rome each year. Rome today has a population of 3,351,000 people. It is located 41degrees 54’N 12 degrees 30’E. It has an elevation 20m (70ft).Rome is located mid-way down the boot along the Tiber River and lies west of the Apennine Mountains. It is called the seven hills city because there are some hills that are part of a volcanic ridge. The rest is mostly marshy land.
The foundation of Rome goes back to the early days of civilization. Today Rome is known as the ‘eternal city” because the citizens in ancient time were strong and they believe Rome could survive anything. Historians believe that the Romans founded Rome in about 625 BC. Historians believe that early Rome was governed by kings. After about they had seven kings, the Romans decided to take power of their city and ruled themselves. Then after that they had a council known as the ‘’senate.’’ The senate then ruled the citizens of Rome. The richest people in Rome got elected for senate for a one year term. The Roman Republic was a very successful government in Rome. It is successful because it lasted from 510 BC until 23 BC. That is about 500 years. In comparison to the United States it lasted 250 years more. Thought it was successful, it faced many challenges. Under this type of government two elected consuls shared the head of government.

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