A Brief Biography of Aurelian

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Some would become men of great renown in Roman history, such as Trajan, but others were despicable leaders, such as Nero and Caligula. However, all of them changed the course of the Roman Empire, with many of them becoming known for their great accomplishments. One of these emperors was Aurelian. Aurelian was a great military leader, strong emperor, and a strict administrator. Also, unlike most of the emperors, his common birth did not suggest his future destiny with greatness.
Aurelian was born in the province of Rome in 214 AD. Unlike prior emperors of Rome, his father was a commoner, and had no ties to politics. Like most commoners did during the time, Aurelian joined the legion. The legion was Rome’s version of the army. He quickly showed his military talent and served most of his career as a cavalry commander. His military success led to his first introduction to the politics of Rome. Due to his prowess as a cavalry commander, he became Gallenus’ escort. Gallienus was the 41st emperor of Rome. However, his service to the emperor didn’t last long. Gallienus died at the hands of an assassin while laying siege against the Roman general Claudius. It is reputed that Aurelian may have taken part in the plot. Soon after the emperor's death, Claudius became emperor. During his reign, Aurelian soared through the ranks of the military. Then, in 270 AD, Claudius fell ill to the…
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