A Brief Biography of Emily Carr

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Born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1871, Emily Carr had a passion and natural talent for art from a very young age. At the age of 8 she took a piece of charcoal from the fire place, ripped open a paper sack and decided she would draw the family dog, the piece impressed her father, it was later found in his belongings signed by Emily age 8. Her father would become a big influence into her artistic explorations. The youngest of 5 sisters, Carr was a favorite of her family, especially her father. She would walk with him to and from work each day and assist him in gardening at the family home. During this time she would take in the landscapes, colours, lines and shapes that composed her surroundings.

Although constantly encouraged in her youth, Carr did not professionally pursue her artistic talent until she was a teenager. Following the death of her parents and to escape living under her sister’s strict rules, Carr moved to California to attend the San Francisco Art Institute. She returned to Victoria after two years of schooling and then moved to London, England where she studied at the Westminister School of Art. After returning back to British Columbia she lived in Vancouver and taught at the Ladies Art Club, unfortunately due to her rude behaviour of smoking and cursing at her students she became unpopular and her classes began to be boycotted by the students, she only held the position for a month.

In the early 1900s while traveling through Ucuelet, Vancouver

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