A Brief Biography of Luis Walter Alvarez

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Luis Walter Alvarez was born on June 13th in the year 1911 in San Francisco but at that time no one knew he was going to be a world renowned physicist. As a adolescent, his love for science, technology and machines was evident, but no one guessed he would make something out of it. He and his father (Walter C. Alvarez) built a radio when he was eleven, this was when the radio was still a new invention. Graduating from The University of Chicago in 1932 and earning his phD in 1936 was not the end of his scientific interest. Luis Walter Alvarez continued to study science and physics. He was credited with many necessary discoveries about subatomic particles for which he earned the Nobel Prize in physics. His work did not stop there. He was a co-developer in the creation of the “ground-control approach system” for aircraft during the 1940’s. Luis Walter Alverez had a very significant role in the development Manhattan Project, in which he suggested the technique used for the detonation of an atomic bomb. He was member of the National Inventor's Hall of Fame. On top of all this he held ownership of the patents for over 30 inventions including radar systems and the bubble chamber. Most of Luis Walter Alvarez’s work took place in the later years of his life as he worked with his son. He shared his love for science which inspired Alvarez’s son to become a geologist. Many things came our of them working together. Alvarez and his son proposed the currently accepted theory that the

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