A Brief Explanation of the United States Government

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The United States of America is one of the most influential countries in the world economically and politically. Because of its size and reputation, it is vital for the US the have a stable and efficient government structure. The United States government consists of three branches designed to check and balance each others power. There have been times when a branch has overstepped its realm of power and been met with objections from the other branches. Each branch contributes to a different aspect of maintaining law and order and the overall well being of U.S citizens. For the most part, the three branches try to work together in harmony to serve the American people. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the government is the president, who forms the executive branch of the U.S government. This is because more people actively participate and educate themselves in presidential elections than in elections of members for other branches of government1. Although some people may think that the president is the one in charge, other branches of the government can and often do check the power of the president. One example of this would be congress's power to impeach the president if they feel he or she is not living up to their expectations. The president is often referred to as the executive power in the government which means his job is to enforce the laws passed by congress. Of course the president can not single-handedly enforce the laws across the entire nation
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