A Brief History: Universal: National Health Care

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Imagine: A little boy is very sick yet cannot afford to go to the hospital due to his lack of health care. Only private care is offered for him, and that is too expensive for his single mother who already works two jobs. If he was offered national health care, then he would be able to be treated and experience a variety of benefits. National health care is a debate that has been present for many years in history, and its effects could help change the nation. Although some view national health care as unnecessary since some Americans choose to be uninsured, the establishment of it will provide economic benefits along with medical benefits. The fight for national health care dates back to the late 19th century. In “A Brief History: Universal…show more content…
Froetschel writes, “A government-funded system of basic care could increase the United States’ competitiveness by decreasing administrative and other costs and emphasizing prevention”. By establishing national health care, the United States government will be able to spend less on the health care, creating a surplus of money to utilize in other areas of the economy. Referring to Evans’ visual, it is clear that the projected national healthcare overheads are expected to rise steadily in the next few years. Although the numbers are increasing, it is feasible to say that this is due to the also increasing number of American citizens with national health care coverage. The rising costs benefit our economy since more money is still going into the national health care program, as more people are becoming protected by…show more content…
In “Better Medicare, and More”, the author writes “drug-price discounts of up to 50 percent for those who can reach the Medicare prescription plan’s coverage gap- the ‘donut hole’”. Under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, those insured enjoy many benefits, including a fifty percent discount on drugs. The effect of these benefits is that citizens are greatly satisfied with their health care. Better Medicare also states, “More benefits will come on line every year, with the goals of vastly improving coverage for the insured and providing affordable coverage for tens of millions of Americans who now lack insurance” (Better Medicare). This additionally supports the statement that national health care provides medical benefits. With many more being insured, this allows for them to be able to be treated for sickness and diseases. The effect of national health care can be viewed in the effects of the Affordable Care Act- also known as Obamacare. In contrast with private health care, national health care ensures that a larger population of citizens are insured.
The establishment of national health care would provide both economic and medical benefits for those insured. It will improve the United States’ economy and give satisfaction to those who benefit from it. If national health care is established, the effects would be greater than just day-to-day citizens.
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