A Brief History of France

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Historical Perspective
The history of France can be divided to Gaul and Roman Conquest, the middle ages, modern time and contemporary era. The oldest traces of human life in what is now France date from approximately 1.8 million years ago. Between 1500 and 500 B.C. The Guals moved into the region before it was known as France. Gaul was conquered by Rome in the second century B.C., which led to the Gauls adopting the Roman language and culture. France derived its modern name from Franks a Germanic tribes that overran the country from the east around 5th century. (A Brief History of France I)
In the 9th century, the Treaty of Verdun divided the Kingdom of Francia to three territories; Eastern Francia, Middle Francia and Western Francia which was the precursor to modern France. Before the monarchy was overthrown during the French revolution in 1798, France was ruled with several noble families and was involved with the hundred years’ war against England, Renaissance, reformation and seven years’ war along with Austria against Prussia and England. (A Brief History of France.II) About 10 years after the revolution in 1804 Pope Pius VII crowned Napoleon Bonaparte as emperor of the France. (Table 1) Although he waged several wars and occupied the most of Europe allied armies conquered Paris and exile Napoleon to the island of Elba. However, he escaped from the island and tried to get back on power but he defeated at the Battle of Waterloo. (A Brief History of France I)

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