A Brief Look at Benito Mussolini

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Who is Mussolini?
Benito Mussolini was an Italian dictator who thrived in the times of both World Wars. Though he was a strong leader with a lot of persistence, his works and contributions in WWII weren't as successful as he would have hoped. Even though he had the almighty Adolfo Hitler on his side, he still somehow succeeded to turn his entire country against him in the end and lose one of the most well known wars in all of history.

The Pact of Steel: How it All Started
Mussolini and his country were an independent cause. Mussolini was a fascist who didn't want handouts from other countries or people. Hitler knew this, and began to persuade him into joining forces with Germany. Mussolini objected at first; he despised Hitler, jealous of his success and eager to achieve it with Italy alone. But Hitler persisted, talking highly of Mussolini and his troops everywhere, about his invasions of Ethiopia and all of his successes as a dictator and general. This made Mussolini feel good, and eventually, it swooned him over to Hitler's plea for Italy to work with Germany. Mussolini, in the end, believed this would be a good idea, because if the strong countries- Italy and Germany- took on the rest of the weaker countries, they wouldn't stand a chance. So, he issued a contract to unite the two. This was titled "The Pact of Steel". It stated that both Germany and Italy would be there for each other, military wise or otherwise, and eventually, help each other conquer the rest of the

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