A Brief Look at Pacific Islanders

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For this assignment, I chose to write about Pacific Islanders. I am most interested in this particular cultural group because, from the knowledge that I previously have, my cultural group seems to be much different from that of Pacific Islanders. Living on a tropical island must have many contrasts to a culture that consists of landlocked influence, such as mine. I dream of the day that I will be able to travel to Hawaii or Tahiti, but until then I will only be exploring the different dimensions of the Pacific Island cultural group in this current assignment. Furthermore, I will begin with a table summarizing the defining criteria of my chosen cultural group. As indicated from the ‘Health and Nutritional Concepts’ section of the table, this specific cultural group has some health issues which require educational intervention, to optimize longevity and quality of life. If I were a healthcare professional, I would initiate effective communication, education, and counseling for individuals from this culture on improving health and reducing disease incidence. When communicating with the patient I would make sure to respect their specific communication practices that pertain to their culture, such as: making good eye contact, greeting them with a smile and handshake, being

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